Online Campus

Online Campus is a digital campus system with various services and reporting systems developed for universities. It aims to provide a measurable and assessable method by changing the university management system.

The mobile application we have developed offers students a new and reliable attendance system. We calculate the duration of presence at the course rather than attendance. At the same time, it brings many innovations that make education life easier.

The burden on academicians to take attendance and to enter the attendance information into the LMS (lecture management system) of the univesity is now history. We want lecturers to be able to spend more time in education and research.

We present an analytical report on academicians, students and resources to universities. Digital campus provides university management with the opportunity to measure and evaluate the ecosystem in the campus.


The difference between students and academicians using Online Campus

A mobile application is to contribute to the conversion of analog data collected in the educational institution into a digital and measurable platform. Advantages,


With precise positioning technology, the time the students spend at course is calculated and automatically processed in the LMS.


It allows universities to send instant announcements, messages and media to the students.


Students can view current course schedules via the mobile application. If they want, the students can set alarm to remind the course time.

Feedback or Help

Students send their suggestions, wishes and complaints to the university administration via the mobile application in a quick and secure manner.

Attendance Verification

With the Mobile Application, the students attending the course can be viewed. It is possible to take attendance of students without mobile phones. The lecturer confirms the attendance information at the end of the course.


Online Campus’s benefits for the educational institutions

Online Campus collects data according to the results determined by researches made with educational institutions. These are the statistically most needed data that can be used to increase student success.

Below, you will find detailed information you can obtain from the reporting system we have developed for educational institutions.


Powerful reporting service

Turn your campus into a digital campus with a special reporting system developed for universities.

Rate of use of classrooms

This shows how efficiently the university resources are being used. This data can be used to prepare schedules.

Students' attendance rate to courses

By examining the attendance rates of the students, it can be determined which courses they are more interested in. Course hours can be rearranged according to the obtained results.

The peak classroom use periods

Homogeneous distribution of student intensity can be achieved in regard to the peak classroom use periods. This change will increase student success and satisfaction rate.

Students with over 70% absenteeism

Guidance service can be planned as a precaution against the situation of suspend or drop out by observing students whose absenteeism is increasing.

The low classrooms use periods

The intensity of students within the campus can be balanced with the data collected in the peak and low classroom use periods.

Courses with a participation rate of 30%

By checking the participation rate of newly opened courses in the university, it can be examined whether there is a lot of interest in the course or there is another problem related to the course.


 Completed Project




Communication With The User.




The power behind the Smartzone

Smartzone is an institution that aims to bring the developing technology of the changing world to the education system with digital campus application. It contains people who are committed to education and believed that the change would start with education. And of course, there are academicians, students and university administrators from many different universities who are part of the education system.

Their contributions and the solutions they provided to the problems we faced are very valuable to us. The greatest power behind Smartzone comes from the people who share the same ideals running together towards the same goal.

University management policies should be determined by making decisions based on “data”. Because, a successful student means a successful university. SmartZone, therefore, offers a unique management system for universities.

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